Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There has been a lot going on here at the Giles' house! But instead of having one huge post, I'll spread it out a couple days!

Meet Daisy! A 10 week old Shih-Tzu. She is the newest addition to our family!

My Grandparent's gave her to Drew and Preston a couple weeks ago and we are having a ball with her. Drew is so good with her, making sure she is completely taken care of. He has been so good at helping us potty train her, taking her out when she needs to go, making sure she has water, and of course...taking her for walks. Although, Daisy isn't quite used to the leash and he ends up carrying her part of the way!

Preston is really funny with her. He likes to sit by her food bowl and watch her eat! He loves to say her name and while he pets her he says over and over, "soft, soft!" You can tell what we've been telling him to do when he goes to touch her!

I wasn't there when my Grandparent's gave Drew the dog, but my Grandma says that she has never seen anyone so excited before! She said that he was beside himself with excitement! Drew called me after he got her and it was pretty much a high-pitched screaming fit!!
We are all so glad to have Daisy as a part of this family! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma B.!