Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random things

Sorry for the lack of posting. I haven't been in the blogging mood lately. Maybe it's due to the stress of moving, maybe it's due to the fact that our home computer sucks. It is so slow that trying to edit my pictures takes forever. I'm going to try and be better, I have a lot to post. It's not anything really interesting for some, but it is for me.

Saturday is our date night. I've mentioned before that we are in a date group (highly recommend everyone join a date group), where we tend all the kids one weekend, then we get 3 off. Well this weekend we had both boys since they both have had a cold. It was such a nice night that we played outside with Drew until it was dark!

Once we put the kids to bed, Doug and I watched Twilight! Yes, I bought the movie! Couldn't help myself one bit. Doug wanted to see it and since he didn't' get to go in the theater, he was more than happy to watch it with me! Although I felt he should have watched it by himself because I kept feeling like I had to explain some things to him. (He assured me he got the gist of it)!

Question for anyone who saw it in theaters; When Edward was taking Bella home after playing baseball, was Emmett and Alice in the car as well?

Preston has been talking non-stop! It's so fun to hear him use his voice...except when it's 4:00 in the morning! He's starting to respond to Drew. Whenever Drew would talk to him, he would give his this look of, what are you saying to me?! But yesterday, Drew would talk to him and squeeze Preston's cheeks and Preston would laugh, which would make Drew laugh! I can't wait until they can interact more together. This picture is of how Preston fell asleep after being worn out from Drew.

On Monday, Drew went to the dentist. They had him sit in the chair and put some sunglasses on so the light wouldn't get in his eyes! He looked so cute! Drew was an amazing patient...not like his mom. I'm a nervous wreck at the dentist, they have to give me laughing gas every time or else my feet will be in my chest.

They cleaned Drew's teeth and gave them a good floss. I was so proud of him!

Drew was able to go to pre-school yesterday. He hasn't been in forever it seems. Last week was spring break so they didn't have school. Boy did he need to go. As soon as the doors opened for class, he ran in and gave Ms. Cathy a hug! (He missed her)!

Hope you have a great day, hopefully I'll have more to post tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nevada trip

Boy do I wish I was back in Nevada. The weather here is SO COLD, (just a couple more months Court)! We had such a great time while we were in Nevada. We stayed two nights with my aunt and uncle who live in Henderson and were able to enjoy their kids. They have three and their littlest one is about a year younger than Drew and we just laughed at him the entire time! What a character that boy is! Another uncle of mine was also there. I hadn't seen him in years! He lives in Texas.
Doug and I were able to spend an afternoon in St. George so I could see a dear friend of mine! Miss you Mori! We spent the rest of the time in Mesquite. His boss lives there and that is where the main clinic is. We were able to go to dinner with him one night and meet his wife, and then meet some of the other therapists in the clinic. What a great group they have there!

We spent one day looking for houses in Mesquite, and another day looking at houses in Logandale. The two houses we like are in Logandale, one of them is the back up house, and the other one we totally fell in love with, but I'm not going to tell you which one! You'll just have to make your own guesses.

The reason I'm choosing not to tell you which one we love is because I don't want to get my hopes up and things not work out with that house. It's really hard right now to get approved for anything since we aren't technically working. Even though Doug has a job, they need a pay stub...yeah. So we'll see how things work out. But if you'd really like to know which house, go ahead and ask. Maybe I'll be nice and tell you!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well we made it back from sunny Nevada and I have to say, "I WANT TO GO BACK!!" I was in shorts and flip flops the entire time! I'll update with some pictures later.

Last year for my birthday Doug got me a spa package. Well, today I got to use it! It was so wonderful! I spent 5 hours at the can't beat that! Nice and relaxing. Thanks babe, you're the best!