Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas time

I can't believe Christmas is upon us already. I feel like we just graduated from Physical Therapy School, (and yes I mean we!), and moved from Iowa to Nevada. I guess time flies when you are busy working and trying to buy a house.

I'm so excited for Christmas this year! The boys are at an age where they both like to open presents and they enjoy what they get...even if it's just the box! I'm excited to see their faces Christmas morning when they see their presents under the tree, and the ones we are setting up in the living room! I know Drew will be so excited that he won't know where to start, and I'm sure Preston will stand and stare at it all, taking it all in.

I'm bummed that I have to work Christmas Eve, one of the holidays that I was assigned to work. I so want to be there to put the presents under the tree and to fill the stockings. Doug said he'd wait to do it for when I come home. I won't be there to make cookies with Drew so that Santa doesn't go without his sweets. I won't be there to watch them open their pajamas from Grandma Stacey and Grandpa Todd.

I just hope the kids are still asleep when I come home Christmas morning, that way Doug and I can put things up together. And you can bet I'll be there with the camera taking in these precious moments!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Longest day ever

I'm still trying to recover from our hectic day yesterday. And when I say hectic, I mean a day I never want to have again.

It started off by me and the kids going to the health department clinic here in town to for immunizations. Our Pediatrician's office can't do immunizations, or so I was told, and so we had to go to the clinic for those. We were the second people in line, which was nice, but we were still there about an hour and fifteen minutes before they finally saw us.

Drew was first. He received three shots and the flu mist. He did really well on the mist, but once the shots came, that was the end. He hasn't cried like that in such a long time. But the nurse was nice and gave him a couple suckers and a Capri Sun. After that, she let him watch me get my shot. I can't have the mist because of my asthma, so I got to have the shot.

Preston's turn was next, and thanks to the lady at the front desk for taking Drew so I could handle Preston because P got 8 shots. That's right...8. They told me that because of his age, they can't combine any of the immunizations, so they had to do them all separate. He got poked twice in each limb. I had to bear hug him for the arm shots and put one leg at a time between mine so he couldn't move them. Preston started to cry in his third shot. And then he just screamed. The nurse kept commenting on how good I was doing, but it was hard not to stay focused since Preston had so many shots coming his way.

After that, we headed to Walmart for some basic needs...bread, toilet paper, etc. We get to the check out line and Doug calls, "Court, I'm on my way to Overton, and have a flat tire. I need you." Seriously!! For those of you who don't know, Overton is about 30 minutes from Mesquite. Luckily he didn't get that far. And by the time we got there, he had the spare on. So we traded cars and loaded all our stuff into his and headed for home to put groceries away.

Once the cold groceries were put in the fridge, we headed to Big O to fix the flat. We got there at about 10:30, and found out they couldn't fix the flat. So, we had to buy a new tire. As I'm trying to keep the kids in the little sitting area, they guy keeps coming back in to tell me things. Needless to say, two hours, two tires, one Alignment, and $300+ later, we finally left.

By that time, the kids were starving and tired, so it was a quick trip to McDonald's and home to bed. I seriously never want to experience yesterday again. The only good that came of it was finding out that the Sellers finally signed all their paperwork, and the inspector will be at the house at 9:00 this morning! Finally!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas song

Heard this song on the radio, and now me and the boys have been dancing around to it at least three times a day! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa...

This year I really want a Skids and Mudflap Transformer ice cream truck, a Polar Express Train, an Optimus Prime....etc.

I took the kids to see Santa last week in St. George. Drew was so excited to see him he could hardly stand it. Preston did surprisingly well. He just stared at Santa and his white beard! That is, until Santa kissed his cheek and all that hair touched his face. The look on his face was like, "What in the heck is that?" and "Please don't do that again!" Preston isn't used to facial hair! No one in our family has any!
The boys had a great time! I just hope Drew doesn't get disappointed when Santa can't bring everything he wants.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

We put our tree up...finally!! I usually put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving. But that didn't get done because, 1. we were out of town, and 2. Doug wouldn't let me. Doug has this new rule, I guess you could call it that, that we must wait until after Preston's birthday in order to put up our Christmas stuff. He doesn't want Preston to feel overshadowed by Christmas. I personally don't think it's a big deal. It's the day after Thanksgiving...what would that possibly do to him?
Anyway, here is a picture of the tree with the lights on. I had to take it without the flash so I could get a nice glow from the lights, so sorry it's a bit blurry.

Drew helped me decorate the tree. Notice how it's all decorated except for the last 2 feet! Yeah, I have a one year old who likes to pick at the tree! Preston has no idea what it is and is so enthralled by it! I love watching him hold the branches and stare up at it!

This is a picture of it with the lights on, but with the flash, you don't get the same effect!

We had a visitor also come and grace us with his presence yesterday. Buddy, our Elf, came yesterday. He didn't come on the first of December because we didn't have our tree least that's what he told Drew in his little note!

Buddy is our communication to Santa. He sits and watches us all day long and then reports back to Santa while we sleep to let him know if we were good or bad that day. Then he comes back the next morning and finds a new spot for the day. Drew loves to talk to Buddy and tell him all the things he wants for Christmas. Sure hope Santa can fulfill this boys wishes!!

On a side note, this is what my boys enjoy doing. For some reason they both love to play in the laundry baskets. In fact, I found Preston in it all by himself, singing to himself. (I love it when he sings to himself)! He can even do Pat ta Cake all by himself, it's the cutest thing ever. But my favorite thing is that both boys must enjoy everything together! Preston thinks Drew is the absolute best!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some good news...

After a couple of counter offers, we are now under contract for "our house"!! I am so excited! Our broker is doing all he can to get us in by Christmas, but I'm thinking it might happen more along the lines of New Years. Still, I am grateful to be this far on the house! Here is a little preview of what the house looks like...








BEDROOMS (the other three are pretty much the same):

This house is about 1900 sq. feet with 4 beds/2 baths. The only other pictures I didn't put up were the other bathroom and the other two rooms. But the best part is that it has a backyard for the boys! The backyard is not finished at the moment, but it won't take much to get it ready for them to play! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday Party

Preston's birthday was small but fun. He had no idea what was going on, but that's what made it so great!

Doug came home for lunch and that's when we did presents. Preston had no idea what he was doing! He soon figured out that he was supposed to tear the paper off and then wouldn't stop! But after a while, Drew had to step in and finish the job! What are brothers for right?!

He got lots of things! He got two cars that are a little squishy and make noise! He loved those...played with them for a long time. He got a ball thing that blows air and shoots the balls out. He also got wooden rings that you put onto the stick.
The best part of the whole day was Preston and his cake! When we lit the candle he just stared at it! Then he wanted to touch the bad! We had Drew blow out the candle because Preston wasn't going to. After that he just stared at the cake! Doug had to finally put Preston's hands in the cake and put his fingers in his mouth! Once he tasted it, that was the end! He was loving the cake!

Can't wait for the next year to come...wonder what it will hold for us!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!

Birthday Boy

Today my baby is 1! I can't believe how time flies! It seems like just yesterday we were walking into the OR getting ready to have him.

This year with Preston has been so much fun! He brings so much joy and happiness into our lives! His brother will tell you the same thing! Drew and Preston get along so well...something I was fearing. I wasn't sure if the 3 year gap between them would be a problem, but thankfully they are great friends!
Preston was born at 11:33, (that's what Doug says...I wasn't really paying attention to the time), and weighed in at 10 lbs. 11 oz, and was 21.5 inches long! Yes, he was a monster of a baby!

Preston loves to eat! That is probably one of his favorite things to do! And not just eat from his bottle, he loves to eat regular food! In fact, the other day we went to McDonald's and I had to buy two kids meals. Drew ate 2 chicken nuggets from his, and Preston ate all four plus some fries! Seriously, this kid knows how to put it down!

We are so happy to have Preston in our lives! He makes us all very happy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have to say that things have been busy around here. I drove to Sandy, UT on Tuesday for my sister's baby shower. Stayed through Wednesday and drove back on Thursday. So it was a short trip for me....but not for my kiddos!

Drew and Preston were lucky enough to stay at Grandpa Todd's and Grandma Stacey's house. Doug and I will be up there for Thanksgiving so the kids get some great one on one time with their grandparents. I'm sure they are having such a blast.

While the kids are gone, Doug and I have been working, I've been trying to get things together for Primary, and house hunting. We definitely haven't had much time to just spend together. In fact, I'm running on three and a half hours of sleep right now. Not such a good idea!

I haven't really had much time to spend in an empty home without my boys. But I'm sure missing this...

These two boys just love each other! Preston loves to climb up on Drew's bed and lay down, and when Drew comes to lay by him, he goes crazy for it! Preston loves to be right where Drew is! And Drew always likes to know where Preston is. I love it!

Preston does not like to be fed. He wants to do it all himself, what else do I do but let him! This is what you get when you give an 11 month old refried beans and a 4 year old red punch:

Preston was such a mess, but he was so proud that he did it all himself! And Drew thought his mustache was so cool. Me, I don't like a red mustache after three days! Seriously, it wouldn't come off his face!

Well, that's what we've been up to lately. Not a whole lot, but for some reason, still busy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun

Halloween was fun for the boys...Drew especially! He was so excited when he found his costume he had to wear it almost every day before Halloween! Drew was Optimus Prime...go figure! Since I wasn't able to spend Halloween with the boys, I thought I'd blog about it for all of you who didn't get to see them either! Without further ado, I present to you:




Preston is enjoying his first sucker! Luckily he doesn't bite them, he actually sucks on them. He does eat the paper stick however!

Doug did not enjoy having to take the boys around the Trunk or Treat all by himself. I think his exact words were, "Not fun being a single parent at these types of things."

Drew and Preston love to play together, and every time I take a picture, Drew has to make sure they are in it together!

Preston is officially a walker, he almost refuses to crawl now! I'm pretty happy and sad at the same time. Sad that my baby isn't a baby anymore, but SOOO glad I don't have to carry him around anymore! I wonder if he'll thin down like Drew did?!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Primary Program and more

Sunday was our ward's primary program, and I am so glad that it's over. I was called as the primary chorister a month or so ago. Can you say stressful?! I had no idea what the kids knew or what they needed work on. So, as you can see, I'm so glad it's over!

Drew did such a great job on his part. He was one of a handful of kids that had their part memorized! He was so proud of himself for getting it right. I just wish he could have sat still. Drew was the kid that everyone looks for. He was up there giving the thumbs up and doing the horns with his first finger and pinkie! I mean, come on! He wouldn't leave the kids next to him alone, so finally his teacher had to separate him and the other boy...oh but Drew couldn't resist bugging the girl next to him! Oh man, people will be searching for him next year!

Drew wore his suit to church not just for the program, but he was also giving his first talk in Primary! It was on families and I'm sure everyone would have known that if they could hear him. He was so quiet and I had to keep telling him to talk louder! But he did a great job and can't wait to participate again!

We've decided to let Preston feed himself now. He does good with the solid foods, but the baby food we've been trying to feed him. The problem with us trying to feed him is that he doesn't want to have anything to do with that. He wants to do it! So, we are letting him. And what do you get when you let an almost 11 month old feed himself baby food? This:

He immediately dropped the spoon and went right for the bowl! He apparently was starving, heaven knows we never feed him! I mean, he only weighs 3 lbs. less than his older brother! Yep, you heard me right. Drew is 34.2 lbs, and Preston is a whopping 31 lbs. He is a monster! Man, I can't wait for that kid to walk. I can't carry him anymore!

Well, that's it from us for today. Hope things are going great your way!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new things

Preston has decided that his daily routine is a bit boring I guess, because this is what I have been finding him doing...

And this, climbing all over everything...EVERYTHING!! This box he's sitting on has all of our movies in it! He likes to pull them all out just as you put them all back in!

And the biggest thing yet...

He stands up all on his own, but he wouldn't do it for us in the video, so we had to help him out a little!

Drew is being as silly as ever. He has been enjoying the rocks that are in the front of the condo and filling his dump truck with them.

He thinks it's funny to make some sort of silly face any time I take his picture!

That's all right now with us, other than the fact that it is getting colder least it didn't snow! (Sorry dad)!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

date nights

Doug and I have had the opportunity to go out on a date the last two Saturdays. I have to say that out of the two dates, our first was the best!

Last Saturday, we headed down to Las Vegas to spend some time with my Uncle and Aunt who live in Henderson. Their son, Logan, plays on a flag football team, so we got to go and watch him play. I can't wait until Drew is old enough to play, it was so fun watching Logan. After that we got to go to Logan's Pinewood Derby. I haven't been to one of those in years so it was fun to watch. Drew had a blast there watching all the cars go down the track.

That night Doug and I were able to attend the University of Utah/ULNV football game in Las Vegas. What a blast that was! We sat on the Utah side, but had UNLV fans around us. UNLV hasn't been that great this year and their fans know it! They were the first to put points on the board by a field goal, and as soon as they did that the fans were ready to go home since it was the first time UNLV has been ahead!

The final score was 35-15 Utah! UNLV fans started leaving at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but Utah fans stayed until the end! We had such a great time! Thank you to Doug and Kenalee for watching the boys for us! You are the best!

Last night was our first time ever paying a babysitter. One of the young women in our ward watched the boys for us while Doug and I went to a Cancer Awareness Banquet at the Casa Blanca. Doug's boss bought tickets for the therapists and their wives to attend this event. This event is not part of the American Cancer Society, it's put together by cancer survivors and family members of people who have passed from cancer from the Mesquite area. All of the money raised goes right to cancer research and to cancer patients from the Mesquite and Overton/Logandale area. It was such a neat event. They had a raffle and a silent auction. They also had Celine Dion come and play! What an awesome treat! OK-so Celine Dion didn't really come, but a Celine Dion impersonator came! She really did look like her...but sounding like her...almost!
We had a really great time, and the boys just loved the sitter we got!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Drew

Monday was Drew's 4th birthday! Four years amazes me! Four years ago, we had this amazing little boy! He was 8lbs 6 oz., 21" long. Now he is 4 years old, 33lbs, and 38" tall (that's just a guess)! He is growing so fast!

Drew was able to have a nice birthday with both sets of grandparents. Both mine and Doug's parents came down this last weekend to spend some time with Drew....and of course Preston!

For Drew's birthday, Doug and I wanted to get Drew a bike. As we looked for one, we realized we weren't going to find a plain bike, so Drew ended up with a blue Transformer bike. He got so excited when he saw it! He loved it! That is until he fell off of it, now he's kind of scared to ride it. I sure hope he turns around!

Drew kind of had a Transformer themed birthday. He got a Transformer bike, and a Transformer cake, not to mention he got 3 different Transformers as gifts!

For something fun, we went to this little place in St. George called Fiesta Fun. It is a fun center with different attractions and an arcade. Drew wanted to miniature golf first, so that's what we did. He is a little golfer! He got a hole in one on one hole! But once his ball was in the hole, he moved right on to the next, even though the rest of us were still on that same hole!

After golfing Drew just had to ride the Go Karts! He wasn't tall enough to drive, so he got to ride with Doug. Grandpa Giles and Grandpa Todd also rode the Go Karts so that they could all race! Grandpa Todd started in the very last spot, but came back to win!

Then it was off to the Bumper Boats where Drew rode with me and tried to bump Doug and get him wet! Drew wanted to drive, so as you see in the picture, he is sitting on my lap...not so sure it was that safe, but oh well!

Drew absolutely loves pizza, so for dinner we headed over to the Brick Oven for some yummy pizza. Unfortunately the service was awful, so he didn't get sung to, pizza was late...over an hour late, and part of the order was wrong. But after waiting so long to get food, we weren't sending the wrong stuff back. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the Brick Oven, but this experience was just say the least.

I can't wait for this next year with Drew. It's going to be a blast! We love you buddy! Thanks for being with us these past four years!