Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls' Night

Saw Eclipse last night with my mom and two sisters! We had so much fun and my picture says it all! The movie was great...I wouldn't mind seeing it again! Thank you Jacob Black for images like this!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Soldier

Friday night, my sister-in-law, was deployed. We were able to go and see her off, which was quite the experience. An experience that I hope we don't have to go through again. To see all the families that will be without husbands/fathers, mothers/wives is crazy.

There were tons of pregnant wives of soldiers leaving. Lots of families with tiny babies and little kids. It's just sad. My brother handled things well...and so did Jayme. It will be weird not to have her here for the next year, but I know she'll be ok.

While we were there, they had a line of bikers holding flags. These bikers ride for "Fallen Heroes." It was really cool to see. They stood in front of the airplane that was taking Jayme and her unit. And then as the soldiers were boarding the plane, they stood with their flags in two lines for the soldiers to go between...super neat!

I'm so glad though that we were able to go and support Braden and Jayme at this time in their life. Jayme, we love you and miss you already. Hope you are doing well. Don't forget that we are here praying for you and your safe return.

Hugs and kisses!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WARNING...picture overload!

We have survived my first two weeks of school...thank heavens. It's only been two weeks, but let me tell you, it's just beginning!

The boys have had such a great time so far...yes, they miss home and miss their daddy. Drew asks me at least twice a week when he gets to go to his "real home." We'll make it though. Doug was able to come up for the holiday weekend. He took Thursday and Friday off of work and had a long weekend with us.

We went bowling in Provo to Fat Cats. What a great time we had. It was my parents, us, and my sister and her little family.

Drew loved being able to roll the ball down the lane. The lane actually records the speed of your ball and I think Drew's fastest ball was about 3 miles an hour! But he had a great time!

So did Preston. Even though he didn't have his own frame, my dad and I let him bowl with us. He would get so excited when he got to roll that ball down the ramp and watch it know those pins over!

Preston wasn't really paying attention and ended up tripping over my brother-in-law's shoe and fell into the ball return. As you can see, his left eyebrow swelled up quite nice. By the next day it was a nice black eye.

After bowling we went to this really cool place called Pirate Island. It's a restaurant and arcade. The entire place was decorated all pirate like. There was a big ship with a skeleton man sitting on the plank. Every so often it would thunder and lightening, and the skeleton would talk. Then the ship would shoot out smoke rings from the cannons. The boys loved it! Our waiter was nice, all dressed up as a pirate...he even talked like one. I'm sure his voice by the end of the night was so hoarse.

After dinner the boys played in the arcade. We ended up with 519 tickets. Seriously. Drew and Preston got swords and an eye patch with their tickets.

This week the weather has been good, so the boys wanted to play on the slip 'n' slide. Drew was great and would actually do it. Preston wasn't so sure. My dad ended up throwing him down the slide!

Preston did really enjoy drinking the water...or trying to drink the water!

Izzy is just enjoying the sun. What a cutie!

Daisy is enjoying the water. She sat under one of the sprayers and let it get her all wet. It was really funny to watch her!

So this is what we have been doing for the past couple of weeks.