Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preston playing soccer

Ok, so here is a video of Preston playing soccer.  I'm not sure why blogger won't let you post more than one video at a time...unless it's just my computer. 

I'll hopefully have a video of one of the boys scoring a goal this Saturday! 


Our boys have started playing soccer.  Drew has really gotten into it this time around.  I remember when he first played soccer and he spent more time skipping around rather than going after the ball.  This time though, he is all in it.  Last Saturday, Drew scored 4 out of the 5 goals that were made.  Talk about a confidence boost! 

Preston is playing as well.  And let me's absolutely hilarious watching a three year old try and play soccer.  He pouts whenever he doesn't get to kick the ball.  But he also thinks that this is tackle soccer!  Preston is a little aggressive at times!  I'll post a video of Preston later, blogger won't let me post more than one video at a time.