Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This post contains lots of pictures with some words to describe what went on during our spring break. Continue at your own risk!
Monday we decided to go to Kansas City, MO. Doug is the only one of us who had been there and since my dad was in town, we thought it would be fun to go and experience something new.
This first picture collage is of Drew on our way to Kansas City. It rained the whole way there and the entire time we spent in Kansas City. But we still had a good time!

When we got there, we decided to go and see the St. Patrick's Day parade. Luckily I had a plastic cover over the stroller so Drew wouldn't get soaked from the rain.

This picture here is for my father-in-law! Dennie, Doug thought you'd enjoy this!
This one was Drew's favorite. He absolutely loves planes and helicopters, so when this came by, Drew freaked out! He wanted to go and ride it!
And last, but certainly not least of our parade adventures....what guy wouldn't want to go and have their hair cut at a place like this?!! Spanky's Cuts For Men...I can only imagine what lies within that salon!

After the parade we were getting hungry, so off to the Crown Center Mall for a little lunch. We ate at the Crayola Cafe. We thought it would be fun for Drew. They give each child their own Crayola cup with a straw that's plastic, but a harder plastic and bendable. As you can see, Drew is having fun with his colored silverware!

The place mats there were paper with an object on it, and you had crayons to color it and make it your own picture to take home with you! The pail was Doug's picture, the one next to it was Drew's picture, and the bottom one was my dad's with the help from Drew! I have no idea where the picture of mine went, but I had a dinosaur.

After that we headed over to this place called Kaleidoscope. (And yes, I'm aware that I spelled it wrong on my picture)! It's an art place owned by Hallmark. It's a free thing for kids. When we got there we found out that normally they only take kids in grades 2-5, but since it was St. Patties day, they were having a family day for kids of all ages! It was really neat, Drew was able to make a hat, paint a picture and make his own puzzle!

We then went for a drive over to the two pro stadiums. They are in the same complex, just a parking lot away from one another. Arrowhead stadium is where the Chiefs play, and Kauffman stadium is where the Royals play. It was closed to the public because crews were trying to get Kauffman stadium ready for opening day. But Doug drove in anyway!

On our way home, we wanted to stop by Liberty Jail. The missionaries inside were so nice, and couldn't wait to start a tour! So this is us down by the jail.

This was such a neat experience. I had no idea the jail was built the way it was. It was also nice to see the statues of the men inside so you can really see how small it was. It wasn't even tall enough for one of the men, that later in his life he walked with a stoop....amazing!

One of the other days, my dad and Drew made a fort! Here is Doug trying to get in on the action!

So there you have it...the Giles' spring break adventure! I hope you all enjoyed your spring break, we sure did!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

My post for today is all about our Easter. But tomorrow I will post about our Spring Break. Saturday morning, the door bell rang and a FedEx man was standing at the door asking for Drew Giles. A package had arrived for him from his Grandma Quinn in Utah. She sent him the cutest blue bag with lots of goodies inside. And the grass that's in it is edible! Oh and mom, I'll take pictures of him trying to use his bird whistle in the tub!
Then that night we had the Wilde's over for dinner and egg coloring! Drew and Owen had such a good time. Owen had the stickers all over his belly and Drew had the color all over his belly! After that those two boys wrestled!

Sunday morning came and Drew woke up at about 6:45, a little excited for the Easter Bunny I think! When he got into the living room, it took him a minute to realize his basket, but as soon as he did, he couldn't stay out of it! "I have candy mom." "Mom, you open pweese?" Oh sugar!

He got three movies and lots of candy, but my favorite thing he got...his suit! He looks like the biggest stud in it, don't you think?! And again, he can't let go of his Easter basket! I was so excited for him to wear his suit, but I wouldn't even put it on him until we were about to head out the door for church! I couldn't bear to let him get it dirty before church! We were sad that dad had to work and couldn't spend a great Sunday in church with us. Quinn and Kristan Lindstrom invited us and the Hall's over for dinner and then Doug and I put together an egg hunt for the kids. We made the men hide the eggs...let me tell you, they did a great job. Some even ended up on top of the rods for the curtains! Thanks you guys!

So there you have it, our 2008 Easter Sunday! How did all of yours go?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

movie day

Yesterday Doug and I took Drew to see Horton Hears a Who. What a great show for Drew. The animation was great and it definitely had its funny parts. I hope everyone has a good weekend and spring break...if you get one!

Friday, March 14, 2008

bike ride

The weather yesterday was fantastic! Doug and I got Drew a little trike and were waiting for good weather to set it up and take it out. Well yesterday was that day! Drew tried helping us put it together, and then out the door he went!

He has this same bike at my parents' house, but when I found it at Hyvee (grocery store), I couldn't pass it up! He took his bike all over outside, but I just couldn't get him to stay on the side walk. I think he likes the off road vehicle the best!

Maybe today we'll take the bike out again since it's supposed to be in the upper 40's! Yay for good weather, but I think the snow is coming back our way this weekend...sad. Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one pound

Monday was our day to see the Endocrinologist. She had scheduled blood work to be done while we were there to check Drew's hormone levels and make sure that they were on track. So when we got there the nurse took Drew's height and weight and all his vital signs. Come to find out, since we've seen the dietitian...two weeks ago, Drew has gained 1lb!!! I know, most of you are thinking, "Wow, one measly pound," but for us that is a huge deal.This dumbbell is one pound...that is how much Drew has gained!! So, Dr. Seiler, the endocrinologist, said that since the stuff the dietitian gave us to do is working for now, she wouldn't draw any blood. And told us to come and see her again in 5 months! Doug and I have been so excited! And Drew is improving so much in his eating. For lunch yesterday he downed three giant pizza bites, and all of an apple! What an accomplishment! So thank you to the dietitian for helping my son gain weight!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

going to work

Brett Favre, what can you say other than AMAZING?! We here at the Giles' house knew this day would come, but didn't realize it would be so soon...after 17 years! Brett Favre retired. As most of you know we here are Packers fans and no other. I didn't get into football or the Packers until I married Doug, a big fan. So now that I've been watching the Packers for the past four years, I've really come to love Brett Favre and am sad to see him go, but am really interested to see how the team will be next season without him. Good luck to you Brett!

So yesterday, Drew was watching this show Little Bill, which is on the NOGGIN channel, and Little Bill was going to work with his dad. So when the show got over, Drew needed to go to work too! It was so funny. Drew says, "Mom, I go to work now," and grabs for his shoes. He looks at them, and says, "No, I need my boots!" He needed to have his work boots (snow boots) on to go to work. Then he gets his jacket on and says, "Mom, I need keys." So I give him the car keys and he heads for the door, trying to unlock it! It was all I could do to not laugh!

Since he needed to go to work, I took him on a walk. And he loved it, being outside and all! Since he already had his boots on he was good to play in the snow! We walked to the mail box and back, and the entire time Drew was in the snow! What a crazy kid!

play time

Alright, I know it's been a few days since I've posted, but it's been busy around here. Last week we had a dentist and doctor appointment for Drew. His dentist appointment was great! They took his picture and put it up on their bulletin board. We also found out that he has no cavities! Yay for Drew for loving to brush his teeth!

His doctor's appointment was at Blank Children's Hospital in town. He was scheduled to see a Dietitian and an Endocrinologist. When we got there the Endocrinologist had gone home sick so we had to reschedule that, but we did get to see the dietitian. She said that he is in the 25th percentile of kids his age, which means that now is the time to get him on a good eating schedule. She said that any child under this needs to be seen, and if children his age are in the 5th percentile or below, it is considered malnutrition. And since Drew is still losing weight, he can easily fall below the chart. So the dietitian told us to put Drew on a schedule of eating every couple of hours, and to increase his calorie and protein. In other words, put butter or oil or cheese on everything he eats! I wish I had this problem!! Drew is handling this very well, in fact, I've been able to get him to eat cheese on things other than pizza! If you look at Drew, his eyes are all sunken in an has dark spots under them. His Dietitian said that once he is getting enough nutrition, it will go away.

Then Monday we got to have Owen come over and play. His parents went on an overnight retreat so we got to watch him! Drew and Owen absolutely love eachother. They especially love to wrestle! I took them on Tuesday to the play place at the mall and let them run around and play. Mostly they just wrestled! When it came to nap time, I was able to get them both to sleep on my bed! It was so cute!