Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mr. Mom

I started my job this last weekend, which meant Doug was Mr. Mom! Doug is used to watching the kids the day after I work, but in Iowa, I never worked multiple days in a row. It was usually one day here, and then another day there. He never had to worry about having the kids to himself two days in a row. That is not the case now! I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, which means that Doug has to watch the boys, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday so that I get to sleep. Mondays I just stay awake after work and nap with the boys in the afternoon. I have to say that Doug did great this weekend...he'll tell you just how exhausted he was!

Saturday we did our first trip to Costco out here. We have to travel to St. George in order to go, which means that we needed to buy a cooler so that our frozen food would make it home. We figured we would just buy one at Costco while we were there, but to our luck, they didn't have any. So over to Wal-mart Doug and Drew coolers. Target...none, Lowe's...none. Home Depot...5 gallon cooler (not big enough)! So Doug decided he was just going to risk it and travel home with the boys and the food. Luckily everything made it home without thawing out. Monday morning on my way home from work I stopped at the Wal-mart by us and to my surprise, they had four 70 gallon coolers! So of course I bought one!

Sometime this weekend Drew ended up with spots on his belly. Doug noticed them while he was taking care of the boys, but I didn't see it until Monday night. I at first thought they were chicken pox, but they are only on his belly and they don't itch. Looking at them more, they look kind of like little zits on his belly. It's the weirdest looking thing. I haven't taken him in for them because 1) insurance hasn't started yet, 2) they don't bother him, and 3) they aren't getting worse. I just wish I knew what they were.

Nothing really exciting here, but we did cut Preston's hair...he's bald! His hair was getting so long, and we couldn't remember what size we used the last time we cut it. So I decided that a 3 was probably what we did. Um, nope! Apparently we used a 7 or 8! Yeah, Preston is pretty bald! Sure hope it grows back, I miss his spiky hair!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simple Pleasures

It never ceases to amaze me how much fun a box can be! It was a house for Drew, and a bed for Preston. Drew would climb inside it and Preston would climb on top of it (while Drew was in it)! Why do I even buy toys when a box will do? Simple pleasures are wonderful!

Drew has found a new way to entertain himself....the ottoman swing! He has been turning the ottoman over and rocking back and forth in it! What a weirdo! But it makes me laugh!

One of our favorite things to do is to go over to the pool after dinner. It gives the boys time to wear themselves out right before bed, and it gives Doug and I time to soak in the hot tub. We did this last night, and it really wore Preston out!

He never falls asleep on the floor....ever! But he was so worn out from the pool that he couldn't even finish his bottle! Love it! Oh! Preston just got his 7th tooth and and eighth is coming in! He's got a full tooth smile!

Monday, August 17, 2009

St. George

Every year, my dad's side of the family gets together for a family reunion. But it's just my dad's parents, his siblings and their kids. This year we all spent time in St. George, UT. It was so much fun! We went swimming and some of us went hiking. We had dinner and just spent time with each other. It was so nice.

There is this place you can go and overlook the valley of St. George. It's so pretty. My camera was being retarded so the pictures didn't turn out so great, but the view was incredible!

After everyone had gone home, my parents decided to stay an extra day. So we went bowling and to dinner. Let me tell you, I bowled crappy! It had been so long since I picked up a bowling ball and it showed. I don't think I broke a hundred all day. The best part of bowling was watching Drew try to throw the ball down the lane. The computer would show how fast your ball went down the lane. Doug's was an average of 20 mph...Drew's was an average of 3 mph! It was so funny!

St. George has a little park over by the old Tabernacle that has a touch pad fountain and a little stream for kids (and adults) to play in! Drew had an absolute blast and Preston didn't quite know what to think of the fountains! And it felt so good since it was so hot that day! The river has little water falls that Drew liked to sit under, and big rocks you can jump from one to the other. It's a good place to go and cool off!

One of the days we went over to the mall. Drew had to try on some shoes and put the little nylons on. Well, he liked them so much, he wore them until they literally fell off his feet! But he wore them with his sandals. We were laughing so hard at his awesome socks!

When my parents left, they took both my boys home with them, (it was first time away from Preston). They took them home because I had three days of orientation for my new job. Yes, I got a job! It's in St. George, which is only a half hour drive, and it's at the new Dixie Regional Hospital. It's such a gorgeous hospital and I'm so excited to be working there! They gave me the days and hours that I was looking for without hesitation and I'm thrilled to be there!

After my orientation on Wednesday, I drove up to Sandy to get my boys! It was a nice drive to do by myself. I thought I'd be bored, but actually, it was great! I was able to listen to my own music and not Backyardigans! I could stop wherever and whenever I wanted! The drive back with the boys was good too. It took about an hour longer, but that's because of potty breaks and food breaks! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching them, and you too Grandma and Grandpa! Doug and I really appreciated it. You guys are the best! See you in a few weeks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We just got the Internet today...can I say a huge YAY!! Now I can start posting again with pictures without having to go to the library!

We are heading to St. George today to see family that is in town! So expect a post sometime next week.