Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's been quite a busy month for us.  As most of you know, we will be adding on to our little family of four! 

Giles' baby #3 is due to arrive April 6, 2013.  We will hopefully find out what we are having on the 9th of November, but the doctor says that this baby is super active...hopefully we can sneak a peak at the gender in between all the somersaults! 

Doug and I have had a blast the past two weekends!  We were able to attend two Halloween parties that were amazing!  The first one was a Hero/Villain party where you had to dress up, one of you the hero, the other the villain.  So Doug and I decided on being King Triton and Ursula the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid. 

Doug won a prize for the most original costume!  I have to say I was proud, since I made the costumes myself! 

The next party we were able to attend was an 80's style murder mystery!  The hosts did a wonderful job in putting this together!  And what a blast it was...even though I was a terrible actress!

Here are some fun photos of that party! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preston playing soccer

Ok, so here is a video of Preston playing soccer.  I'm not sure why blogger won't let you post more than one video at a time...unless it's just my computer. 

I'll hopefully have a video of one of the boys scoring a goal this Saturday! 


Our boys have started playing soccer.  Drew has really gotten into it this time around.  I remember when he first played soccer and he spent more time skipping around rather than going after the ball.  This time though, he is all in it.  Last Saturday, Drew scored 4 out of the 5 goals that were made.  Talk about a confidence boost! 

Preston is playing as well.  And let me say...it's absolutely hilarious watching a three year old try and play soccer.  He pouts whenever he doesn't get to kick the ball.  But he also thinks that this is tackle soccer!  Preston is a little aggressive at times!  I'll post a video of Preston later, blogger won't let me post more than one video at a time.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New additions

After a long wait...and I mean long.  We have added two new additions to our family.  We had been having a lot of car trouble for quite a while, and in March we finally decided to get Doug a reliable car.  Since Doug drives 80 miles three times a week, he desperately needed something that we didn't have to worry about.  The pictures that I took were done in the garage since it is raining like mad here today.  So here you go...Doug's baby:


Doug absolutely loves this car.  It's his "Dream Car."  Too bad it couldn't have been brand new!  Anyway, it's a 2007 Lexus IS 250.  And I have to say it's really nice and really fun to drive.  But as nice as it is, it is not a family car.  It may have four doors, but the poor boys are squished in the back seat!

So now that Doug got his car, I got to drive the Altima. I would have driven the Rodeo since it's an SUV, but the Rodeo was in the shop and they wanted more to fix it than it was worth.  The only thing with the Altima is that the reliability factor was not there, it stuttered and it had no air conditioning and we were always wondering how much longer we could handle it...being that it had been in the 110s-120s. 

So finally, two weeks ago, the check engine light came on in the Altima and I'd had enough.  Preston and I headed straight for the only car dealership in town.  And with a friend's help, we traded both the Altima and the Rodeo in for this:

It's a 2010 Ford Escape and I love it!  Plus, the best thing about it, besides it's completely reliable, is it has air conditioning!  I didn't care what car I came off the lot with as long as it had air!  I have to say that I have missed having an SUV.  I won't go back to a car if I can help it! 

So there you go.  The two new additions to the Giles family!  I hope you've all had a great Wednesday.  I'm going to go sit on the couch next to my hubby with a good book in hand and enjoy the rain! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It's official...we finally have Internet!  We realized just how much we needed it, so we caved.  But lucky for me, that means I'll actually get to blog more often.  Before, I had to tether my phone to my computer in order to get the Internet, which meant I couldn't upload pictures, or blog.  So now, I can do both! 

We had family pictures taken the other day, thanks to my amazing dad!  The pictures turned out pretty awesome!  So, without further ado, here is our 2012 family picture:

He also took more of the boys... here is their mission impossible pose!

My caption for this picture would be, "Are they coming after us?"  It seriously looks like Drew is reaching for a gun behind his back!  I absolutely love these two boys! 

Well, that's it for now.  My next post will be about the two new additions we've added to the family this year! I wish you all the best! Have a great Tuesday! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's been so nice having our family back together. Although, I keep telling Doug that I am going to move back north just for a job. I have been looking for a job since I've been out of school and still have no luck. I'm not sure what to do anymore. I've applied for probably 20 jobs, and haven't heard from a single one. I've done the calling to see about my application status, but no one will tell me what's up. So...if anyone out there knows of someone hiring nurses either in St. George or Las Vegas, PLEASE let me know.

Also, one more HUGE favor. I'm in need of some help. We have been potty training Preston (for the fourth time) and he is doing well...sort of. He gets the idea of going pee in the toilet, but as far as pooping...he doesn't get it. I am at a complete loss. We've been at it since January and I'm not sure where to go from here. Any ideas would be so great.

As for the rest of us. Drew is loving school and learning more everyday. He loves having lots of boys here to play with. Doug is working hard. His boss has bought a new building and they will be moving into it the first part of March! We are really excited since this place will have double the space. I can't wait to see it when it's complete!

Happy February!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I can't believe it, in fact it hasn't really hit me, but I'm now a licensed RN! I'm sure it will hit me once I get a job and start to work, but for now it seems like a dream. One of those things that you never thought would actually happen. Something you always wanted to do and never thought would come! But it has come, it's weird and exciting all at the same time. I actually accomplished something. Something that has taken a long time is now done! I never have to test for a license of this nature ever again! It's crazy!

Thank you so much for all of you who stood by my side and helped me through this. Especially my family. My family is the most incredible family in the world. They stood by my mood swings from lack of sleep and stress over exams. My incredible family who took care of my boys without ever complaining. I love you all so much! There aren't enough "Thank yous" I could ever say that would make up for all your sacrifices. But THANK YOU! You are all the best! I never could have done this without you.