Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it, my boy started kindergarten today! It's so amazing how time flies by. One minute you have these little kids, and before you know it, they are in school.
Drew has been so excited for this day. He has talked about it non stop for the last week. Last night I couldn't even get him to go to bed because he was just too excited! Drew said, "Mom, I get to start kindergarten tomorrow. And that means I am going to be a grown up boy now." It's true, my boy has grown up!
Well Drew isn't the only one excited for this day, I have to say that I am too. Drew gets bored really fast now and needs something to keep his mind going. I am so excited that he will now be challenged a little and learn so many new things.
Drew is in the afternoon kindergarten class and we did it this way because the daycare that he goes to, the owner buses the kids to this school. So Drew is in a class with some of his friends from daycare, which for me is nice because he already has friends. In fact, when we first got there, he was able to see the older kids from daycare out at recess, and they were telling him that they can't wait until afternoon recess so they can play together!
Preston was so cute this morning. When he saw Drew with his backpack, Preston had to get his as well. When I took Drew's picture this morning, he had to have his taken as well. And then when we dropped Preston off at daycare, Preston looked at Drew and said, "I love you Drew!" It made my heart sing to hear him say that!
Well, there you have it. My oldest is now a school goer just like his mom, and we couldn't be more excited!