Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drew's first week

We survived our first week of kindergarten! Drew is absolutely loving school and asks everyday if he can go back. His teacher is fantastic! I couldn't ask for anyone better. She is so great with the kids and knows how to keep them interested and wanting to keep going. He comes home everyday with something new to share with us. In fact, the other day he asked a girl at school if her name was Ashley. She said, "How did you know my name?" Drew said, "I read it on your backpack." This was so awesome for me to hear that he read her name! I didn't even know he knew that "S" and "H" made the "Shh" sound!

On Wednesday, Drew was given the "math bag" to take home. He had to put something in it to take to school that they could do math with, and come up with a question(s) for them to solve. So Drew got some candy and each kid got four pieces. The questions: If you have four pieces of candy and you gave two to a friend, how many pieces do you have left? If your friend gave you one piece back, now how many do you have? Drew was able to solve both of these questions and then teach his class how to solve it.

On Friday, he told me that his teacher gave them green magic potion to drink and it turned them all into Spiderman with invisible webs! His imagination is getting bigger and it's only been the first week of school!

I have become a very proud mother! This week will be interesting since I start school again and now we'll both have homework to do. I can't wait and neither can Drew!