Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm happy to report that Drew is doing just fine. He is back to his normal self. Oh, and he is excited to share that he was able to sign up for soccer. My cousin, who is Drew's age, is playing and Drew wants to play with him. I'm not a soccer person, so it will be interesting to try and help him play.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our E.R visit

Last night we spent three hours in the E.R. Drew fell last night while on a walk and bumped his head and scraped his hip. Thirty minutes after that...he lost his vision. He couldn't see anything. We tried handing him things and he wasn't even close to grabbing them. We tried to get him to look at us and he couldn't, he just looked right passed us. So my dad threw him in the car and we headed to the E.R.

My poor little guy was so freaked out that he couldn't tell if he had to throw up or pee. He didn't even know he'd hit his head, and he has a big bump on the side of it. It was so scary. After we'd been there for about an hour, maybe a little more, his vision slowly returned. They did a CT on his head and said that all was ok and that he has a minor concussion.

Today, Preston is at daycare while Drew and I relax. The doctor said for him to lay low for the next couple of days and he can return to school on Friday. Right now @ 10:00 am, he is still in bed. I sure hope he feels better today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

24th of July weekend

We had such a fun weekend. Doug was able to come up and see us! The boys just loved having him here...and so did I!

Saturday, the boys were in a parade for the 24th of July. Drew was able to decorate his bike and ride it. We also decorated the wagon and put Preston and Isabelle in it.

That was the hottest day ever! I can say that I will not be doing this next year. The lady over the parade asked me if I would help keep the back of the line of kids going. The children were the very front of the parade and then the color guard. So it was my job to make sure the kids and parents stayed in front of the horses...not an easy task. I finally had to tell people to keep off to the sides so that the horses could pass them up. People would stop to talk to other people on the sidelines and so they got really far behind. Which made me really far behind. Luckily for me my mom walked the parade with us. She ended up taking the wagon to keep up with Drew so that I could tend to the people lagging behind.

After the parade there was a carnival. The boys were able to get their hair spray painted and Drew also got his face painted. He said he was the "Hulk" because of his green face!

Sunday we headed to Pleasant Grove and played at the children's discovery park. It's a great park all made of wood. The boys loved it! We will definitely be back!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Monday, July 19, 2010


July seems to be going by really fast. I feel like we just had the fourth! But here is what we've been up to. We went to Richfield for the fourth for a family reunion on Doug's side. I was glad to go because that meant we got to see Doug! We rode down with Doug's parents and had a really good time.

Drew enjoying the water slide

Boys enjoying the train

It was also my birthday this month. I was sad to not have Doug here to help celebrate, but I did get a nice phone call from him! My family took me out to dinner at Texas good! I'm glad that we were able to celebrate it together. Thank you to everyone who sent me a birthday wish or are all awesome!

This last Saturday we went to Draper Days. Oh my gosh it was hot! I think I sweat from every huh? It was fun, other than the part where I was thrown up on by my little man. I'm not quite sure if the heat got to him, or if he really wasn't feeling good. It happened just a couple of minutes into the fireworks...go figure!

This weekend the boys will be in a parade! Drew is way excited to decorate his bike and ride in the parade! We will be decorating the wagon for Preston and his cousin Isabelle! I hope someone will be on the sideline taking pictures!