Thursday, May 28, 2009

All done mom

Here is a little video for the family that's away from us. Preston has been eating lots of things, in this video he's eating squash. And he has figured out the perfect way to tell me when he's done eating! Enjoy!

On another note, here are some pictures of what we did on Memorial day. We headed out to Winterset, IA to enjoy the bridges there. You know the movie, The Bridges of Madison County? Well, that's where the bridges are at. It was pretty neat to see.

There is this cute park there as well. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed each other's company. Doug and Dennie played Frisbee (their Frisbee is a lid to a bowl)! And Becky and I sat on a blanket with Preston watching the guys play.

After that we headed over to see this beautiful stone bridge. It reminds me of something you'd see in the movies.

About a mile up the road there is this tower where you can observe all the beautiful scenery around you. It was amazing! (Doug just informed me that the name of the tower is Clark Tower).

Winterset is also the place where John Wayne was born. His house has been turned into a museum. But since it was Memorial Day, it was closed. I thought I'd take a picture of it for my grandfather. He is a big John Wayne fan!

And last, but not least, the Winterset Cemetery. It was incredible. The line up casket size flags along the road and underneath the flags is a name of someone who served in one of the wars with the dates they served. There were somewhere around 527 flags! All with names under them. Someone we talked to said that they do a huge memorial service in the morning. They say that it is quite a site to see. Would have been neat to have been there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It gives me great pleasure...

to introduce you to Dr. Doug Giles! Doug graduated on Saturday and received his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy! I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard to accomplish such a huge achievement. I love you Doug! I can't wait to see what lies ahead for you and our family! Next thing....boards! Just pray that he'll pass!

A HUGE thank you to all who came to share in this awesome day! We love you all!

Yesterday was not only Memorial day, but it's the day that I put my 3 1/2 year old on an airplane headed for Utah for the next 3 weeks. He was with his grandpa of course, but still. It's only been a day and I miss him.

I'm back to having one child, and it's a child that doesn't talk, (which is nice sometimes). What am I going to do without my little boy? My boy who is constantly talking to me, making me laugh. My boy who asks for a treat non-stop. My boy who loves to watch the Backyardigans and play with his cars. What will I do without him? My answer for you is pack and school. I guess I will have to endure his absence with packing up my house and studying my school work. But I doubt it will fill that void. All I can say is, good thing there is the web cam. Without that I wouldn't survive! I just have to see him. So I guess I'll be calling on it here soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

family and friends

So, what do you do when you find a package of smiley face stickers? Why you put them on your little brothers face! That's exactly what Drew did! He decided that Preston looked "So cute mom" with the stickers on his face!

Monday we said our goodbyes to our dear friends. They moved to California Monday night. It was sad to say goodbye, but we know we'll be seeing them soon. They will only be a few hours away from they are by the beach! We love you guys!

Is this not the cutest kid ever?! This is our friends little boy. I could just eat him up! He and Preston are only two weeks apart. They are our chocolate and vanilla babies! I just love his glasses, and his mom says that he keeps them on!

Tonight we played outside. It was a bit windy, but we still had a good time. We've been dog sitting Carter for Doug's brother. We put him on the leash outside and let him run around with Drew.

Drew decided to play on his bike, but he fell off and "can't get up mom! Help me!"

Oh, my boys are getting big. Where has the time gone?!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last day/ Park

Today is Doug's last day of his rotation. Which means he's done! He never has to go on another rotation again! The only things left for him now are graduation and boards! It's amazing that it's finally over. It's weird, you never think that we'd be here, but look at us, we are! Good luck Doug on your last day!! :)

OK, so here it is...the tooth! Doug had to pull his lip down in order to get it!

Doug and I put Preston on our bed the other night, and he ended up talking himself to sleep. This is how we found him! What a crazy kid. That to me does not look very comfortable! But whatever floats his boat!

We went on a walk the other day and stopped off at the park. Drew loves the little park over by our house. And I have to say that I'm kind of going to miss it. It's nice to open the door and walk 100 yards to the park. Oh well, we'll have to find one when we move. Drew loves to play on the slides.

Drew found some one's dump truck and just had to play with it. There's something about toys when they aren't your own.

Preston really likes to be outside as well. I'm glad for that because look at this white child! He needs a little Vitamin D!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's a tooth!

Yes, that's right, Preston got his first tooth yesterday! The thing finally broke through...I'm so glad! Even though he's a happy baby, he's much happier now that his tooth is finally here. I'm not quite sure why the Lord blesses me with early teethers, but I guess I should be glad. (Drew at this age had 4 teeth)! I was trying so hard to get a picture of it yesterday, but it wouldn't show up on camera. I'm going to try again today...outside. That way I won't need a flash! Anyway, that's our great news for now....we finally have a tooth!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cereal please!

Isn't this the cutest picture ever?! Doug and I decided that since our little guy is now 5 months old...(I know, crazy, right?!), that we are going to feed him cereal every day. Today was his first real attempt at it, (we tried last month, but he didn't quite get it). He loves it. It takes him a minute to get used to the texture and thickness, but after a couple spoonfuls he is grabbing at the spoon wanting more! I wish I could have gotten it on film, but since Doug fed him first while I wasn't around, and then I did it next while he wasn't around, there was no way to get it on film. Will try next time.

I did finally get on film Preston using his voice. It's so cute. I'm sure grandparents will enjoy this.

We did get to go outside this week...when it wasn't raining. Drew was so glad to be out on a walk. Poor kid, he gets so bored when the weather is bad.

Drew is acting like an airplane. He can't wait to go on one this month to Utah.

It was a little chilly outside, but Preston loved it. And I just love this hat on him!

Preston now rolls from his back to his front. But he cheated this time. He grabbed hold of the bouncer and heaved himself over! (Don't you just love his hair!!)

I just love his "Buddha" belly! Doug and I laugh at it all the time!