Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I know it's Wednesday...

but I'm going to post about our weekend up until now. My mom and my sister came in town on Friday. It was so good to see them and Drew couldn't get enough of them! In fact, Drew keeps asking for Whitney (more like whinny).

Saturday was fun. I didn't get to hang out with them until about 1:30pm since I was in school, but my mom, sister, Drew and Doug went to lunch at Applebee's...I know, they went without me! That night while we were hanging around home, Drew was playing with Aunt Whitney at the table. He's been playing cars, which one person sits at one end of the table while Drew sits at the other end and you drive cars to each other. Drew was getting a bit excited and slipped off the chair hitting his forehead on the table, which threw his head back and hit on another chair cutting the back of his head open. Screaming followed. As I went to see him there was blood dripping off the back of his head. I thought for sure we'd need stitches. But Doug held a cloth on his bleeding wound for a couple of minutes and the bleeding stitches required! Since Drew's hair is so thick you can't really see the cut, so I circled the spot where it happened.

Sunday and Monday went by without much happening other than the fact that my mom and my sister left Monday afternoon. Drew wanted to go with them so bad that he would keep saying, "Drew's turn on airpwane." So mom, dad, whenever you have some time, Drew wants to come see you!!
Yesterday Drew got to play with his friend Owen over at the little park by our house. They had so much fun together. They ran around the playground more than they played on it!
The weather has been so nice that we've been playing outside. Too bad it's not going to stay that way. I think we have rain coming this fact, I think it's coming tomorrow.

Last, but certainly not least, as we were getting things ready to go play with some friends today, this is what I found.

Now, if you can't tell what that white stuff is on his face, I'll tell you. IT'S LOTION!! Drew came up to me saying, "Mom, I dirty." When I looked over he was covered in it. His face, hands, feet, pants. All I could think was, "where did you get that, and what did you do with it?" This is what I found.

Yes, the lotion was in the hallway, in Drew's doorway, by Drew's bed, and on his white sheets. I had no idea what to do. I grabbed a towel and the carpet cleaner and started cleaning, and made sure Drew stayed out of my way. I was in no mood to deal with him. But he knew he was in trouble because he kept telling me, "Drew naughty." Oh yes, Drew, you were naughty! I'm sure it will stain, since lotion has oil in it, but what am I supposed to do? Any suggestions?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

how do you feel?

Alright, everyone has been asking how I've been feeling and I figured this would be the best way to let all of you know.

I have been so tired and nauseous. I've never been so nauseated in my entire least that I can remember. I wasn't sick one day with Drew, not one day. But I've been in a state of constant nausea, to the point where I know I'd feel better if I could throw up, but my body won't let me. And it's not just in the morning either. In fact, as the day goes on, it gets worse. I asked Doug the other day if I was like this at all with Drew (just on that off chance he remembered better) and he said no. So there you have it, I feel like crap! If any of you know a great way to keep the nausea under control I'd love to hear about it. PLEASE!!

Oh, I'm sorry for the lack of pictures. I've taken quite a few but have been too tired to post lately, but I'll get them on here. We had an eventful weekend. My mom and my sister have been in town, and Drew cut the back of his head open (I'll post about that later). So, I'll get you all some pictures.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

and one more makes FOUR!

Yes, yes, it's true...I'm pregnant! It's still kind of early, but who can hold in news like this much longer?! I found out on April 1st...yes, April Fool's day! Doug thought I had a friend of mine take the pregnancy test for me, I mean, come on!! I will be due around the 5th of December so, like I said, it's still early. We've been waiting a while for this, so we are totally excited! And there you have it, no more questioning and no more rumors, it's out!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

warm weather fun

Our days have been great here at the Giles' house. Drew is absolutely loving the warm weather...and I have to say that I am too! Drew and I have been to the park both today and yesterday! He can't get enough of it! All he keeps asking me when we are at home, "Park mom, let's go!"
I bought these Blue Bunny strawberry popsicles the other day, and Drew loves them. As you can see he is thoroughly enjoying his, he even has his eyes closed to show you just how yummy they are! The last picture is of Drew relaxing in his undies. Lately all he wants to do is be naked, all but his undies, socks, and of course, his Yankee hat!

And I think the really fun part of his day today was that Drew was able to play with sidewalk chalk. He was a coloring maniac! And every time he walks by where he colored he has to say, "Drew color!" (my child has been speaking in third person lately)!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed these pictures. I hope to get myself in gear now that I have one class over with. Hopefully my posting will be more often.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Alright, does anyone know of a good photographer that isn't too expensive (since we're all in school). Erica will be out of town when Doug's family comes and they want to have their pictures taken. They are coming in July, so if any of you know a good one, let me know. Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I just have to say a HUGE thank you to the person who found my camera. Apparently it fell out of the stroller while Drew and I were on a walk the other day. Someone found it and gave it to some friends of ours and they were able to figure out from the pictures on the camera that it was mine. So whoever you are....THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't even begin to tell you the thoughts and feelings that I have right now because you were being an honest person. You are truly are one of a kind.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

suggestions please

What do you do when your child has a runny nose, your husband is majorly conjested, and you have the biggest sinus headeache ever? The experts would tell you to drink lots of fluids and to rest. Well, when your husband is in full time medical school, and your son is two and needs all the attention he can get, how do you rest, or for that matter, how do you get a two year old to rest? I mean.."Mommy I need to go potty" just can't wait! Oh, I can't wait for all of us to be feeling 100% again, and for me to finally get a full nights rest...which hasn't happened in a couple of days! Any suggestions for any of this?


how many times can you hear that in one day? Psst. I think I hear it about fifty. Psst. OH MY GOSH! Psst is Drew's new way of getting my attention. And if it hasn't annoyed you yet, just say it a few more times and I'm sure it will. I have no idea where he gets things from. I never say psst to get his attention, or Doug's for that matter. At first it was so funny, but now, kind of annoying! Doug and I are constantly talking about this, where Drew gets his sayings from. Like the other day, he told one of the kids around here that playing by an outlet was "DANGER! That's danger!" I mean, come on!! But he has picked it up from somewhere. I guess it's better than other things he could be saying.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Drew LOVES suckers! I don't know what I'd do if suckers were never invented...of course he'd find some other sort of candy that he'd love. I can't go anywhere without at least two suckers. I know it's a habit that I started. I first brought them with me to the grocery store to keep him quiet. Now he wants them in the car, watching a movie, dad's basketball games. Seriously, my child is an addict! Thank heavens for Costco and their bulk Airhead Sucker bucket. Not only do they taste good, just like an airhead, but they even have the plastic sticks. If Drew eats a sucker with a paper stick, I get half the stick back because he's sucked on the stick so long that it's vaporized. But now I have to worry about him biting it. He will suck on them for 2 minutes and then chew it...oh my, his teeth!!

Alright, enough about suckers. I was so sad to see it raining yesterday. Or should I say be woken up to the roars of thunder at 6:00 yesterday morning. The weekend was so great. Drew was able to ride his bike and run on all the grass. I even let him play on the playground by our house. He couldn't get enough of the slide. But then it rained, and Drew was so upset that he couldn't go and play outside. Oh nice weather, please come back!